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What makes people hyper

AM I Hyper Quiz What makes "smart people" socially.

Sugar, and candy, do not make kids hyper.

What makes people come back to life after.
05.01.2008  depends how long you want to be hyper if you only want to be up for 10 mins then its something short like an entire pack of skittles with some pop in

What makes people hyper

What foods can make you mega hyper?.

Main > Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS) So I'm watching the trailer for that new movie Limitless where Bradly Cooper is a One theory is time
What is PTSD Hypervigilance or Hyper.
Since it's now the day after Halloween, I thought I'd protect your children from this myth. It's also one of my favorites. Let's cut to the chase: sugar
there is actually no such thing as being hyper. you might not believe me, but most people think that sugar makes you hyper it might give you energy but the thing is
Geeks' Guides - Thriving in a Non-Geek World What Every Nerd Needs to Know to Thrive in Today's Hyper-Competitive Economy

What does "hyper" really mean? - Yahoo!.
08.11.2008  Best Answer: People can be 'crazy' without drugs. Often it takes 'drugs' to stop them from acting crazy. Drugs which make people speak quickly, move about
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  • What makes people hyper

    Sugar, and candy, do not make kids hyper. What is the name of the drug that makes.
    Could someone really come back from the dead? To some extent, it depends on what you mean by death. Sure, people can be revived through medical intervention (although
    27.01.2009  Best Answer: HYPER: 1: high-strung , excitable ; also : highly excited 2: extremely active hyper people can be fun, yes but ONLY if they know when to
    What is PTSD Hypervigilance or Hyper.
    What really makes you hyper - The Q&A.
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